Business Healthcare

Kingdom Wellness and Family Health, PLLC in Phoenix, AZ offers business healthcare solutions. Nancy Ashby, MSN APRN FNP-C has healthcare memberships that help small businesses provide healthcare services without the high cost. Call us today to book a consultation and see how we can help your business offer heatlhcare services to your employees. 

Business Healthcare Costs

The average company pays $14,800 per worker a year in healthcare premiums. This number continues to rise year after year. This forces companies to utilize funds that could have gone to raises into healthcare for their employees.

But there's another option-Direct Primary Care. Direct primary care is a form of health coverage but isn’t health insurance. Under DPC, plan participants pay a flat monthly or annual membership fee, often much less than what is paid to insurance companies. All medical visits are covered under this membership fee, & additional services are often at significantly discounted rates. 

By avoiding insurance contracts and third-party billing, DPC providers can give patients more time with a doctor, as well as a more customized and personalized service. This leads to better health outcomes & ultimately less sick time needed for employees. It's a win-win.

It is important to note, DPC is not health insurance. While a DPC provider can offer many services, they may need to refer to a specialist or emergency services. It is recommended that the employee keep a high-deductible high-premium plan with a health savings account for these services.

Business Healthcare



Business Plans

These are the same great direct primary care plans, offered at a discounted price for our business health partners.

Employee Paid Plans

Employees get to choose from the same great plans at a discounted price, just for being an employee of you! This is an added benefit to offer your employees at little to no cost to you!

Employer Paid Plans

Decrease your employees sick call by ensuring they have access to care fast. With no out-of-pocket costs to your employee, they will have unlimited access to optimal wellness care. 

***Fees are due at time of service, unless other payment arrangements have been made. Monthly payment plans are subject to automated payment agreements. These plans do not replace the cost of healthcare insurance. Any send out diagnostics or screenings (labs, imaging) and/or medications will be an additional charge paid to the provider of these services (i.e. community pharmacy/laboratory/imaging center of choice). HSA funds may be used for these services if there is a VISA/MasterCard logo on the card***